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November News…..Holiday Bites, Dishes and Resolutions, and 2019 Heart At Work Features!!!

Happy Holiday Season and welcome to the full-on batshit craziness, chaotic shopping, crabby and exhausted people everywhere, cooking, rushing, and as much as I try NOT to, GAINING WEIGHT, oh the joys of the holidays, LOL, JK, WELL….. Moving on.

The beautiful side of the holidays is indeed celebrating the foods and cultural traditions, family, friends, parties, cocktails, lazy days, lots of movies watching and for me and my hubby, spending quality time with my children.

What to expect from Heart At Work….. I have been working on some delicious and heart healthy appetizers and sides for this Holiday Season. I also will be incorporating Heart At Work weeknight dinners, plus a lifestyle plan, which will feature first and foremost heart healthy dishes along with meals to get us all back on track after the holidays….Referencing them as 2019 Slim Down New You Resolution.  LastlyI will also be featuring InstaPot recipes!!!!

What’s New in 2019….Along with Healthy Slim Down New You recipes, I will be adding some fun featured recipes/dishes with some Great People monthly. I will be interviewing, cooking alongside, and sharing their culture/traditional recipes of some truly extraordinary Culinary Artists. Every person has a story attached to a dish. Whether it be a fond memory to certain time period in their life and/or family experiences or fun and loving experiences, anyway they all matter and I feel graciously privileged to be sharing their life stories and dishes.

Wishing all a safe, healthy, happy, and stress free holiday season.  I am humbled and am graciously sending gratitude to all that have supported my life’s work and passion through food…Happy Healthy Hearts, Love, and Peace for 2019!!!





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