Italian Style Steak Sandwich

This Sandwich was inspired by my two college roommates AKA (The Italian Girls) I always loved how delicious it was with the fresh herbs, garlic, and tomatoes over the steak and some delicious Italian Bread, YUM!!! Fast forward 25 Years and it is still an AMAZING Blend of Flavors, BUT I have added more heart…

Sweet Cream & Cranberry Walnut Wontons Holiday Bites

Sweet Cream & Cranberry Walnut Wonton Holiday Bites are like pieces of heaven. The combination of the cranberries tartness, add chopped sweet apple , walnut flavor, the sweet cream, all wrapped into a delicious pouch with a dash of chives and/or jalapeno……Unbelievably Delicious! This recipe came from a combination of foods, Mom’s famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Jello with walnuts AND her specialty frosting that has been displayed on all of mine and my sister’s birthday cakes for many, many year! Combine it all and that is ultimately how these Apps came to be. Your family and friends will LOVE these….SO if I were you, I would make plenty……Enjoy!!!