Bringing a healthy balance into your life requires committing with purpose.  I believe that being kind and generous comes back tenfold in all you do.  I do not just mean to others, I mean to yourself also.  There is no way in hell that I ever put myself first, but I will not compromise my exercise and eating healthy no matter how many baseball/softball games I have in one day.  Never ever Live to Eat, Eat to Live!! Your food is your fuel, so do not put sh!tty fuel into your body or it will be run down and broken.

There are a  few things I can and will promise to do……

I will educate and inform, perhaps enlighten, hope to be a little entertaining, and share my recipes, ingredients, and the brands I use.  I hope to grow and produce helpful tips and ideas and will incorporate week-long meal prepping. NO slicing and dicing and putting things into nice neat containers either, because that only lasts so long before you’re bored, pissed off and STOP.

Weekly Tip #1 ………..Make some sort of grain, Farro, Quinoa, Cous Cous, Multi-grain Pasta, Bulgar, Brown Rice,Jasmine Rice, etc. and cook enough for at least two meals for your family.