Love and Your Heart…A Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s Day is about Love & Hearts, right? I wanted to share some interesting HEART Healthy facts & Positive benefits that LOVE has on your heart!! ❤️💜…Happy Valentine’s Day All!

A little History of Love and the “Heart”

Weighing in at 10 ounces, the blood-filled muscle called the heart has become the universal symbol of love. The Greeks believed the heart was the seat of the spirit, the Chinese associated it with the center for happiness and the Egyptians thought the emotions and intellect arose from the heart. No one is sure the exact origin of the love association, however. One idea is that the heart got its “love mark” in the ancient Greek city of Cyrene, now in modern-day Libya. The colony was known for a plant called Silphium, with heart-shaped seed pods. Silphium had medicinal properties, and possibly also was used as an herbal contraceptive.

Just Love 💕

“I think having love in your life is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle, That love can come from many different sources: marriage, a partner, siblings, parents, friends or a pet. The goal is gaining peace through love, which decreases stress and anxiety in your life and benefits your heart.”

Quote by Dr. Suhar

Music 🎶

“Listening to or creating music triggers the release of dopamine, a brain chemical that makes people feel engaged and motivated. An exercise class without music is unimaginable. Sound processing begins in the brainstem, which also controls the rate of your heartbeat and respiration. This connection could explain why relaxing music may lower heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure — and also seems to ease pain, stress, and anxiety.

I wish you all peace and love today and for always as your Heart Depends on it!!