Chocolate & Blueberry Oat Snack Bites

This Healthy Snack/Protein Bites are Tasty, Filling, and the perfect Snack Full of Heart Healthy Benefits. I made these for my daughter who often snacks on protein bars and also LOVES the Combo of Chocolate & Blueberries. These Chocolate & Blueberry Oat Snack Bites are delightful and will tide you over in between meals and…

Healthy Chocolate Cashew Bites

Trying to keep Stay Healthy for through the Holidays???  Me too!!!These Healthy Chocolate Cashew Bites are tasty and delicious, filling, and full of fiber. They are Super Simple to make and are a great choice for a breakfast bite, pre or post workout bite, or just a healthy snack for you or your children…..Enjoy!!!