Fall Off Friday With Crock-Pot BBQ Chicken Tacos & Sandwiches

What do you want for dinner? One said tacos, one said BBQ Chicken or Ribs, Why do I ask when I already know that none of my children will agree! This Easy Crock-Pot BBQ Chicken has Flare of Sweet & Spice to it, Chipotle BBQ sauce, chopped poblanos, sweet mini peppers, add some garlic and…

One Pot Healthy Orange Chicken & Rice

As a Mom, one of my passions has been to make sure my children eat healthy and a variety of foods, BUT as most people know, most kids won’t eat much, especially when they are small. I am a Mom of three children and one is the BEST eater you could ever ask for…This dish…

Easy Chicken Gyro With Eggplant (or Not)

Easy Chicken Gyro With Eggplant (or Not) is a great tasting sandwich with a lot of heart healthy benefits. Eggplant has a spongy texture with a unique flavor and when sliced thin and baked, adds a light and citrusy flare to this traditional meal. This is  a delightful Mediterranean Dish…Enjoy!!!

Chicken Pad Thai & A Fried Egg….

Chicken Pad Thai & A Fried Egg is a delicious combination of savory and sweet…… The Fried Egg adds a unique flavor this traditional stir fry…..Enjoy!!!!