Instant Pot Spicy Mexican Jambalaya

Instant Pot Spicy Mexican Jambalaya is rich in spice and yet perfectly Smoky and Savory. It is Super Heart Healthy dish with a Cajun Flare….I topped it with Sour Cream and Avocado Slices which made for a Delicious & Hearty Bowl…..Enjoy!!! Print Recipe Instant Pot Spicy Mexican Jambalaya Yum Course Instant Pot Dinner, Quick Meals…

Corn Chowder Cubano With Shrimp Please!!!

Corn Chowder Cubano….With Shrimp Please!!! This Unique, Savory, and Spicy Cuban Corn Chowder is splendid and loaded with Heart Healthy foods that will impress your family, friends, or esteemed Thanksgiving guests….Enjoy!!!  

Loaded Goat Cheese Chicken Tacos with Pizzazz……Enjoy!!!

These Goat Cheese Loaded Chicken Tacos have Pizzazz and lots of character,great texture, perfect crunch, and fantastic taste. This meal is ideal for a weeknight family dinner or entertaining guests……….. this dish is sure to impress…Enjoy!!

Turkey Chili

Delightfully Hearty and Super Healthy Turkey Chili on this Halloween. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween All….Enjoy!!!