Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays With Festive Whipped Cream Jello Shots

The smell of Tito’s at 10:30a.m is not the norm for me, BUT I am prepping for Our Neighborhood’s Annual Christmas Caroling Festivities and Falling Off the Wagon Friday and Saturday with these Creamy Jello Shots….Cheers to a Beautiful, Safe, and Merry Weekend!!! Print Recipe Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays With Festive Whipped Cream Jello…

Cinnamon Sugar Marshmallow Pastry Puffs

Am I the only one who feels once Nov/Dec come, I can eat a little worse or eat more, then regret it later?? Do you think it is something in our  DNA during the winter months that is telling us to store fat??  As a food blogger, often I cook a lot in one day….With no real intention of eating and grazing ALL DAY LONG, sometimes I do, UGH!!! But enough of my gripes, I am so happy to share these super simple and so delicious Cinnamon Sugar Marshmallow Pastry Puffs. They were so super simple to make and my kids truly enjoyed being a part of such a delicious treat….Enjoy!!!