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Fall Off (the wagon) Friday with Spicy Mac & Cheese

all Off (the wagon) Friday with Spicy Mac & Cheese is a Wonderful Blend of Cheese and Spice, Who Doesn’t Love this Combination, Right??  If you do not prefer spice, you do not have to add it and you will still have an AMAZING and much Healthier Mac & Cheese.  This is simple and perfect for Friday nights or as a Football Sunday comfort food!! Cheers to a Wonderful Friday Night and a Healthy and Happy Weekend All…Enjoy!!!



  1. First, boil water and cook your pasta. Drain, and add the milk, flour, salt, and all blends of cheese and cook over a low to medium heat stirring constantly.
  2. If the pasta and cheese mix looks stringy, you might might need to add more milk. Continue stirring until pasta and cheese look creamy.
  3. Finally, add garlic chili paste or sriracha sauce and garnish with basil and fresh chopped jalapeno....Cheers to a Healthy and Happy Friday Night....Enjoy!!!!

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