Going Nuts!!!!

The truth about Nuts……Nuts are healthy snacks that are packed with omega-6, omega-3, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Although, they are high in fat, the fat is the healthy kind and provide a lot of healthy benefits. They are a perfect filler and suppress your appetite along with a healthy punch of antioxidants. At all times keep nuts in your life as you can combine them into several snack foods, meals, and toppings. I have listed some ideas on how to use these hearty and helpful super foods into your daily life.


Almonds are one of my go-to snacks in between meals. I also throw them into a green salad, chicken and tuna salads, add crushed almonds as a crust for a baked chicken or fish, and add slivered almonds to a green bean salad.



Pecans can be used whole as snacks or crush them and add to frozen yogurt, low fat ice cream, on top of your favorite greek yogurt, or into a bowl of cereal. I also add pecans to my quinoa and cous cous dishes, top my veggie dishes with them, and are a great add into a farro salad.


Some say walnuts are the healthiest for your heart. I use them to snack on and love to put them into a food processor/blender and crush them and use as a crust for baked fish. You can buy walnut oil and cook with it as it adds a slightly nutty taste to your dish. You can also add walnuts to banana bread, cranberry and corn bread as it adds a beautiful flavor.




Cashews and Peanuts are easily incorporated into my weekly stir fried meals. Just add them at the end of sauteing your vegetables and protein that will be served with rice and noodle dishes. Also, you can add peanuts or cashews to a healthy protein bites, cookies, and to your morning oatmeal.


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