Healthy Cajun Gumbo

I just wanted to preface this with a HOLY WOW….And Yes I can call it a “Cajun Gumbo” because I did NOT add tomatoes. This Healthy Cajun Gumbo is fantastic! I used a Roux base that is Gluten Free, added the “Holy Trinity” of veggies, Shrimp & Smoked Chicken Andouille Sausage on top of protein…

One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup

This One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup is filled with SO much flavor and is Really Simple to make. The variety of veggies, fresh herbs, and the tenderness of the meat makes for an Exceptional Homemade & Healthy Dinner…Enjoy!!! Print Recipe One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup Yum Course Dutch Oven Soups, Healthy Soups, One Pot Dinner…

Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays with a Slow Cooker Chicago Style Reuben

Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays with a Slow Cooker Chicago Style Reuben is one of my most favorite sandwiches. On any given Friday or Saturday “late night”, this was my twenty-something food of choice(then came kids). It is so quick and easy to make and a perfect meal to go along with this Sunday Nights Bears game! Pair it with my favorite beer, LAGUNITAS, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, Ale, Yummy!!!! Cheers to a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Weekend….Enjoy!!!

Frances D’s Pasta Lenticchie(Pasta with Lentils)

Frances D’s Pasta Lenticchie was my sweet Grandma’s signature dish. Frances DeCarlo was my maternal grandmother. When I was a young girl, my grandparents came over weekly and when Frances D walked in with her Pasta Lenticchie we would all be ECSTATIC. As I made this dish, I knew I wanted to invite my mom and sisters over to enjoy it…….What a treat!!!!! I have so many wonderful memories and am so very grateful that I had such a close relationship with all of my loving grandparents. They were hard-working Italians who taught me that all good things come from Determination, Dedication, Family, and Food. I am very proud to be their granddaughter….Enjoy!!!!!!