Colorful Quinoa Bowl

This Delicious Bowl is full of protein and is Simple, Tasty, and Filling…. It is a Fresh Tomato Salad over a Protein Filled and Super Healthy Grain…Colorful Quinoa Bowl Is a healthy option for Meatless Mondays, Lunch or Dinner….Enjoy!!! Print Recipe Colorful Quinoa Bowl Yum Course Healthy Dinner, Healthy Lunch, Meatless Mondays Cuisine American, Fresh…

Fall Off (the wagon) Friday With Toasted Prosciutto Caprese

Fall Off (The Wagon) Friday…. With Toasted Prosciutto Caprese. This is a delicious late night snack that is the healthier and a better tasting alternative, i.e.  than a burrito or tacos, a burger and fries, etc. ESPECIALLY after a few cocktails…..Cheers to Friday Nights! This late night snack reminds me of the many times, as a teenager, we would go back to Sanj’s house and she would bring out the 20 lb. bone in Prosciutto, along with the fresh mozzarella, and some really good Italian Bread!!  Extremely grateful for all of my Italian BFF’s…….Enjoy!!!