Healthy Cajun Gumbo

I just wanted to preface this with a HOLY WOW….And Yes I can call it a “Cajun Gumbo” because I did NOT add tomatoes. This Healthy Cajun Gumbo is fantastic! I used a Roux base that is Gluten Free, added the “Holy Trinity” of veggies, Shrimp & Smoked Chicken Andouille Sausage on top of protein…

One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup

This One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup is filled with SO much flavor and is Really Simple to make. The variety of veggies, fresh herbs, and the tenderness of the meat makes for an Exceptional Homemade & Healthy Dinner…Enjoy!!! Print Recipe One Pot Beef Vegetable Soup Yum Course Dutch Oven Soups, Healthy Soups, One Pot Dinner…

Delicious & Healthy Pasta Bolognese

Who loves Pasta with Bolognese Sauce?? This Dish is Sooooo Quick, Easy, and Tasty, I promise your whole family will enjoy it. This Delicious & Healthy Pasta Bolognese is a fantastic weeknight dinner. This recipe is a shout out to my Mom who has always cooked delicious and healthy meals….Enjoy!!!

Easy Chicken Gyro With Eggplant (or Not)

Easy Chicken Gyro With Eggplant (or Not) is a great tasting sandwich with a lot of heart healthy benefits. Eggplant has a spongy texture with a unique flavor and when sliced thin and baked, adds a light and citrusy flare to this traditional meal. This is  a delightful Mediterranean Dish…Enjoy!!!