Italian Style Steak Sandwich

This Sandwich was inspired by my two college roommates AKA (The Italian Girls) I always loved how delicious it was with the fresh herbs, garlic, and tomatoes over the steak and some delicious Italian Bread, YUM!!! Fast forward 25 Years and it is still an AMAZING Blend of Flavors, BUT I have added more heart…

Garlic & Spinach Frittatas

These Super Healthy Garlic & Spinach Frittatas are Quick, Easy, and Delicious. This recipe is my Mom’s recipe and she came here the other night for dinner with them and I totally forgot how much I LOVED these….I added a bit of fresh Garlic, some Flaxseed Meal, and topped it with a dollop of Ricotta…

Veggie Frittata With Brown Rice

This Super Healthy Frittata is so Quick and Easy to make….Any and all Veggies will blend with the right Spices, Dash of Cheese, and Brown Rice……Enjoy!!! Print Recipe Veggie Frittata With Brown Rice Yum Course Breakfast, Dinner, Healthy Dinner Cuisine American, Healthy Frittata, Italian Keyword 2019 Goals, Egg Casserole, Eggs, Frittata, Healthy Dinner Servings Ingredients…

It’s National Spaghetti Day

YES, It sure is!!! National Spaghetti Day is celebrated every January 4th by Americans every year. I certainly had no idea, BUT I love traditions, especially cultural ones that give you a reason to celebrate just for the Hell of it! All Month long, I will be celebrating these so-called National “food/drink” Days….Stay Tuned!! A…

Baked Rigatoni Pomodoro

This recipe is so Super Quick,Easy, and Delicious….Baked Rigatoni Pomodoro is made with roasted garlic, tomatoes, basil, and spinach. It is a Delightful alternative to the traditional baked pastas. This Pasta is a Lighter and Healthier yet still So Satisfying……Enjoy!!!

Delicious & Healthy Pasta Bolognese

Who loves Pasta with Bolognese Sauce?? This Dish is Sooooo Quick, Easy, and Tasty, I promise your whole family will enjoy it. This Delicious & Healthy Pasta Bolognese is a fantastic weeknight dinner. This recipe is a shout out to my Mom who has always cooked delicious and healthy meals….Enjoy!!!

Nana’s (One Pot) Minestrone with Gnocchi

Nana’s (One Pot) Minestrone with Gnocchi is a delicious reminder of all things that warm your heart and are good for your soul. This Minestrone soup is like NO other. It is heart healthy, full of vibrant veggies, and delightfully filling. All Grandmothers have the same wish for their family and that is to pass on traditions and unconditional love, a passion for happiness, and for her family to be as healthy as they can possibly be. I miss my Grandmothers very much and LOVE that my Mom/Nana has a wonderful relationship with all of her kids and grandkids. This dish is a tribute and shout out to all the great Nanas, Nonnas,Grandmas, Bom Boms, BaBas, Yayas,Mawmaws,Savtas, Geemas,Bommas, Mormors, Omas, Lolas, Memes, Oumas, Busias of the world….Enjoy!!!

Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays with this Chicago Style Italian Grinder

Fall Off (the wagon) Fridays with this Chicago Style Italian Grinder, seriously I CRASHED off the wagon on Thursday after I made it!!! While I sought out for the correct term that would be suiting for this sandwich, I came across some interesting information AND The History Lover/Teacher in me found it quite intriguing and…

Quick & Delicious Healthy Chicken Parmesan

Whats for dinner tonight??? This Quick & Delicious Healthy Chicken Parmesans  is how to have an extremely healthy meal in a pinch. This is a fantastic homemade dish with little prep and full flavor.  Add a side of Pasta, Gluten-Free if you want, and makes for a healthy and delightful weekday meal….Enjoy!!!